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Комитет школы "Солнышко" поздравляет нашего педагога Валерию Холл с успешной сдачей экзаменов и получением второго высшего образования по программе "Логопедическая работа по коррекции звукопроизношения. Технологии постановки звуков".

Запись на занятия с педагогом-логопедом Валерией Холл по ссылке ниже, количество мест ограничено.

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6 июня в день рождения великого русского поэта, основоположника современного русского литературного языка Александра Сергеевича Пушкина, во всём мире отмечается День русского языка.

Русский язык – один из крупнейших языков мира. По численности говорящих русский язык занимает шестое место в мире; по степени распространенности – восьмое место. По использованию в интернете русский язык стоит на втором месте. Это один из самых переводимых языков в мире. Среди языков, на которые переводится большинство книг, русский занимает седьмое место. Среди языков, с которых чаще всего переводят, русский стоит на четвертом месте.

Thank you everyone for all your support!

The Russian Language School Solnyshko would like to thank the whole community for such overwhelming support! Our hearts burst with gratitude and love! We are eternally grateful for everyone's comments on Facebook under the Warrington Guardian articles, in various local Facebook groups, writing directly to Warrington Guardian and other press, to a number of MPs and to Warrington Borough Council, supporting our language school and the work that we do. In particular, we would like to give a shout-out to Michael Belcher, whose petition on change.org has exceeded 3.5k of signatures and attracted a fair amount of national press amount of press, as well as all those who signed that petition. Also, everyone who offered us accommodation so that we can continue teaching - Red Lion pub in Stockton Heath, Grappenhall Sports Club and several local schools - we can't thank you enough for your generous offers! Special thanks to Rev Jane from St Wilfrid's church - as always she was amazing!

We were so pleased not only to receive support from Andy Carter, MP, via social media, but also to see him visiting our language school on Saturday as we reopened, speaking to parents, children and teachers and encouraging us to carry on.

Everyone who got in touch with us directly to show your support - you kept our spirits high and our belief in our wonderful community alive!

It was a very tough time for everyone at Russian Language School, and we are so glad it's behind us now, and we can look forward to even closer links to the wider community.

We would like to use this opportunity and work closely with Warrington Borough Council:

- on preventing bullying of kids with links to Russia or Russian language at this difficult time.

- working together helping Ukrainian refugees to quickly and successfully integrate into the community by providing translation/interpreting, advice and free lessons in our language school.

Your support means so much, and we are so glad to be part of this community!


Today our Russian Language School "Solnyshko" was visited by local MP Andy Carter. Andy was entertained to an guided tour of the school and met with teachers and pupils. Pupils also showed of their Russian skills by translating English words to Russian and reading texts. We hope Andy enjoyed his visit and we hope to see him again!


We, as the staff and teachers from Russian language School Solnyshko, want to express our deep sadness and condemnation of what is currently happening between Russia and Ukraine. We call on the world’s leaders to end fighting and ensure that those in Ukraine can start to heal following the pain that has been inflicted on them.

We support and will always stand by the children, families and people of Ukraine, and all of those who have become victims of this tragedy.

Our school is small independent, non profitable organisation without operational support from either Russian or British governments.

Our school’s goal is to build bridges between people and cultures with peace and friendship.

We bring together everyone who is interested in the Russian language and Russian speaking cultures. We have students from England, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus and Bulgaria. Our school is truly international.

Ukraine and Russia has had a long history together, many families at the school have connections and family or friends in both countries and we are all worried them and the consequences that this conflict will bring, we are all grieving too as it affects all of us.

Our school is a safe space from the current conflict where we all can come together again and share our fears, we protect our kids from the horror which is going on and lead them by example how to respect and support each other, unite friendship.

Also we need to protect our staff and students so any discrimination

towards our students or teachers will be acted upon immediately.

Our hearts go out to everyone around the world, who is affected in any way by this crisis.


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