Did you know that the rays of "Sunshine" (our school's nickname) has reached Saudi Arabia? In Autumn 2019, our Russian speaking parents and 2-6 year old toddlers group, started it's operation in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia.

The classes are based on simple methodology and developed in our school "Solnyshko" in the UK. They don't just include teaching the alphabet and reading, but also sensory exercises, nursery rhymes (traditional Russian and ones which were translated from English), fine motor skills development, singing, dancing, and the sense of belonging to the culture.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, face to face classes have been temporarily suspended, however the group continued organising cultural events for the children and their families. In one of these lesson, the children surprised their parents by reinacting traditional folk stories and singing songs from their parent's childhood! Some children have subsequently joined Solnyshko online school to study with their UK based counterparts. Taking into consideration school's experience of leading over 1000 online lessons since the pandemic has forced the school to suspend it's face to face operation, it's teachers can truly be considered as highly experienced professionals in delivering online lessons of Russian language and culture to bilingual children.