Online learning is a convenient and modern way to learn.

Children from different cities of the UK study online at Solnyshko, there are students from Saudi Arabia, France and other countries. Younger children learn to read, write, create their own stories and apply their knowledge shared with their peers in Russian. Older children study more complex topics, get to know the language, culture and traditions of Russia. They learn the rules of the Russian language, write essays and make presentations.

Highly qualified teachers of the "Solnyshko" school work according to methods based on many years of practical experience in working with bilingual children. Our teachers have attended over 1000 online lessons!

We offer:

- Preparation for GCSE and A-level;

- Lessons for the Russian language and speech development;

- Painting and creativity lessons;

- Classes on Saturdays and Sundays.

No more than 5 children in each class!

Join us!


Painting lessons are conducted by an art teacher with extensive experience and specialised teaching methodology.

Lessons are held online on the ZOOM platform on Sundays. Students learn to draw beautifully, understand colour and shape, master painting without leaving their home.

Parents can also draw with their children!

Lesson fee £7.50


The Reading Club is a meeting place for thinking and active readers who are ready to exchange opinions about literature. During the academic year, our students get acquainted with the wealth of Russian literature, read fairy tales, stories, develop speech and do speech exercises.

At our online meetings, we not only read and discuss what we read, but also:

- We participate in quizzes on specific works of the author;

- We arrange exhibitions of our own illustrations for the book we have read;

- Come up with a cover design;

- Make bookmarks and postcards on the topic of the book;

- We put on mini-performances, puppet shows and organize skits;

- We discuss the culinary preferences of the characters and cook some dish according to them;

- Collectively come up with a sequel to the book;

- Film a video recommendation or a book trailer.


Craft with children is not only a great way to entertain and have fun with a child, but also allows you to develop imagination, mental abilities, attention and even reveal the talents of your child.

During creativity, children learn the most, immersing themselves deeply in the process.

At the lessons we make things with our hands, develop fine motor skills and just have a great time together.

Join us!

Classes are held on Saturdays 12:00-12:40 at:

Russian Language School "Solnyshko", Grappenhall St Wilfrid's Primary School, Church Lane, Grappenhall, Warrington WA4 3EP


The children's musical group was created on the basis of the "Solnyshko" school in January 2018.

In the musical group, the children learn to sing, play musical instruments and successfully perform at the concerts of our school.

School "Solnyshko" announces an additional enrolment of children from 6 to 16 years old in a musical group:

- Vocals;

- Playing the bass guitar;

- Playing the saxophone;

- Drumming;

And other musical instruments.

We are waiting for people: both those who want to learn how to sing and play musical instruments and those who already know how to play and sing.

Music lessons will clear your mind, bring new knowledge, help develope useful skills and create new friends!

Classes are held on Saturdays 12:50-13:30 at:

Russian Language School "Solnyshko", Grappenhall St Wilfrid's Primary School, Church Lane, Grappenhall, Warrington WA4 3EP


Dance is a pleasure, when we dance, we fantasize, imagine ourselves differently. It has long been proven that there is a connection between movement and thinking! Through dance, the repertoire of movements expands, this gives a step in the development of senses, due to this, children will have greater skills in perceiving the surrounding area.

Our school "Solnyshko" announces an additional enrolment in the dance club. We invite children aged 4-7 years, as well as their parents.

In the main curriculum:

- Folk stage dance;

- Fun dances and rhythms with objects (hoop, ball, ribbons, etc.);

- Participation in school, city events and festivals.

In the development program:

- Development of artistry and stage improvisation;

- Basics of choreography and gymnastics;-

- OFP exercises;

- Prevention of flat feet and strengthening of muscles;

- Development of memory, imagination, coordination, dexterity, ect.;

- Development of moral qualities and getting rid of anxiety (fighting the fear of speaking in public, gaining confidence, organization, the ability to communicate in a team).

At dance classes, there is an atmosphere of happiness, a good mood

, because everyone loves to dance, both adults and children!