Expanding Vocabulary/Language Development Lesson  

 The article about our school in the Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity's magazine "Thank you".  

The artwork of the kids who entered the contest "To draw the school logo".
Royal Manchester Children's Hospital Charity certificate

September 2016
Group 3 about their future plans. May 2016
  Art Exhibition. Groups 5 and 6. May 2016
Presentation by the Mayor of Warrington about his involvement with Warrington Russian Language School "Solnyshko". April 2016.
Sports day. Groups 3-6 19/03/2016
 Music party. Groups 1-2 with parents and teachers 19/03/2016
  Katya Stokell, Rose Queen
Ёлка 2015
Christmas Party  2015
Айлина Пономарева, 7 лет. Ученица школы "Солнышко"
 "About my school" A. Ponomareva, 7 years old 
 Lesson Group 2. September 2015
September 2015
Christmas Party 2014 

Inauguration of the school. September 2013
 Inauguration of the school. First lesson. September 2013
Playgroup "Solnyshko". April 2013                                
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